AETHER - Lucas Leão, 2020

AEther is more than a fashion film, it is a 360 experience and reflection on the new times.

AEther reflects on possibilities of existence in uncertain futures, proposing a spiritual and carnal ascension in worlds reinterpreted by the drives of freedom.
To arrive at the result of this new reality, the pieces were photographed by the look of Rogger Cordeiro, with styling by George Krakowiak, beauty by Branca Moura. In parallel, 3D artists Pepapuke and Bruno Meira created and digitalized the pieces with prints created by Jemima Kos.

The 3D film / parade takes place in a desert setting, in an earthly post-world reality. In each augmented reality avatar it is possible to see pieces with optical effects on ethereal bodies, thus presenting the dimension of Aether.

Lucas Leão is already known for his approach to the technological vanguard and reflections on control devices and the search for freedom. In this new collection, the stylist goes further and offers us a moment to reflect on our experiences as hybrid bodies - physical and virtual. Aether helps us to transcend to a new life, where we can be eternal, but we must fight for our sensitive and immaterial freedoms.